Charles M. Hughes, 3rd Congressional District Democratic candidate profile

His top priorities include retirement issues, health care and students loans.

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Charles M. Hughes, 3rd Congressional District Democratic primary candidate, 2020 election

Charles M. Hughes, 3rd Congressional District Democratic primary candidate.

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Candidate profile

Running for: U.S.CONGRESS 3RD dist

Political/civic background: Worked for Congressman Bill Lipinski

Precinct captain

Cut trees down for citizens

Cut grass and remove snow for seniors

Occupation: Nicor Gas-operation mechanic

Associate auto/diesel

Education: Lincoln tech institute

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The Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board sent candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives a list of questions to find out their views on a range of important issues facing their districts, the state of Illinois and the country. Charles M. Hughes submitted the following responses:

Please tell us about your civic work in the last two years, whether it’s legislation you have sponsored or other paid or volunteer work to improve your community.

cut grass ,remove snow -for seniors

Help with painting fences

Help seniors in neighborhood

What are your views on the decision by the U.S. House to impeach President Donald Trump? Has the impeachment process been fair or not? How so? If, in your view, the president should not have been impeached, would you have supported censure? Please explain.

I haven’t been given any info from congress about impeachment. Since I dont have any intel about impeachment of a president ,Charles M. HUGHES ,WILL HAVE NO COMMENT ON IMPEACHMENT.

How would you reduce the federal budget deficit, which now stands at about $1 trillion for 2020? What changes, if any, to the U.S. tax code do you support and why?

Charles m hughes ways to reduce federal budget

Cut government spending

Economic growth

What changes would you like to see made to our nation’s healthcare system? Would you shore up the Affordable Care Act or work to repeal it in full? What’s your view on Medicare for All? And what should be done, if anything, to bring down the cost of prescription drugs?

make a provision to add everyone to a exchange insurance

57 plans to choose from

Exchange name DCHealth Link.

The Trump administration is awaiting a ruling from the Supreme Court as to whether it can end the DACA program — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — which shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation. Do you support or oppose DACA and why? Should a path to citizenship be created for the so-called DREAMers? Please explain.

charles m hughes will support Daca

What are the three most important issues in your district on which the federal government can and should act?


Health care

College loans

Charles m hughes has plan.

What is the biggest difference between you and your opponent(s)?

middle class and not insider /only one not taking endorsements from political insiders

Comes with price when voting on issues.

What action should Congress take, if any, to reduce gun violence?

Make laws tougher for people who uses guns to cause violence.

Is climate change real? Is it significantly man-made? Is it a threat to humankind? What if anything should Congress and the federal government do about it?

America needs to lead world in climate change

Lead by example.

What should Congress do to ensure the solvency of Social Security and Medicare?

would pay back social security ,after raided on sept 5 2018

What should Congress do to address the student loan crisis? Would you use the word “crisis”?

would suspend college student loan interest .

What should our nation’s relationship be with Russia?

we need to have a relationship with russia but we always must verify info.

What’s your view on the use of tariffs in international commerce? Has President Trump imposed tariffs properly and effectively? Please explain.

we need to even playing field on tariffs. Trump needs to raise tariffs but in calm manner.

Does the United States have a responsibility to promote democracy in other countries? Please explain.

u.s must always promote Democracy across world.

What should Congress do to limit the proliferation of nuclear arms?

15.congress needs to watch everyone with nuclear arms.we should put world safety in place use NATO to solve nuclear arms.

Please list all relatives on public or campaign payrolls and their jobs on those payrolls.

No relatives on any political or public payroll

My son in u.s army first cav division

Military payroll.

What historical figure from Illinois, other than Abraham Lincoln (because everybody’s big on Abe), do you most admire or draw inspiration from? Please explain.

Barrack Obama— proud he had ability to give health care to all americans.

Barack obama ,started office and saved banks,car industry

What’s your favorite TV, streaming or web-based show of all time. Why?

house cards,show inside Congress and back room deals.

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