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Kristin Cavallari alleges ‘inappropriate conduct’ by Jay Cutler in divorce filing

The reality TV star does not specify the behavior that made it ‘unsafe and improper’ to live with the former Bears QB.

Kristin Cavallari and husband Jay Cutler appear on a December 2019 episode of “Very Cavallari.”
E! Entertainment

Kristin Cavallari is alleging inappropriate conduct by Jay Cutler among the reasons for their impending divorce, media reports say.

The claim is made in documents obtained by People and other news outlets. Both stars cite “irreconcilable differences” in their divorce filings, but Cavallari also says, without clarifying, that the former Bears quarterback “is guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct as renders further cohabitation unsafe and improper.”

Though Cutler does not allege any misconduct by his wife, she apparently anticipated he would and writes that “any misconduct alleged or implied against her” in his divorce petition “was in response to and/or as a result of misconduct on [Cutler’s] behalf.”

The reality TV veteran, seen most recently with her husband on E! Entertainment’s “Very Cavallari,” says in the paperwork that the couple separated April 7, just after they returned from a vacation in the Bahamas.

Cutler says they split on April 21.

The couple is at odds over the parenting of their three children: son Camden Jack, 7; son Jaxon Wyatt, 5, and daughter Saylor James, 4. Each claims to be the kids’ primary caretaker. Cutler is seeking joint custody, while Cavallari wants primary physical custody and child support, with visitation for Cutler.

Cutler, 36, and Cavallari, 33, have been married nearly seven years.

Their marriage has been a central theme of “Very Cavallari,” which this season touched on allegations of infidelity. One plotline on the third season premiere in January had Cavallari dismissing rumors that Cutler cheated with her friend Kelly Henderson but grumbling that Henderson exploited the rumors for personal publicity gain.