When Trump’s lips are moving, he’s lying

He is desperate and will do anything to avoid taking responsibility for his own actions.

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Former President Trump And Fellow Conservatives Address Annual CPAC Meeting

Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Hilton Anatole on August 06 in Dallas, Texas.

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

As we now know, the FBI conducted a legally authorized search of Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate and recovered 11 sets of classified records. Some had the highest possible security classification, which, if released, could cause “exceptionally grave” damage to U.S. interests. If proven true, these are serious criminal actions and could result in prison time.

Predictably, Trump, like a cornered rat, is desperately trying to divert attention from his own guilt. He and his GOP/Fox News sycophants began by attacking the FBI and the Department of Justice. So much for the purported “law and order” party.

Now he is “spreading disinformation,” accusing former President Barack Obama of having 33 million documents illegally in his possession. This is a lie, plain and simple, Trump’s latest. No surprise, because he has been lying constantly and consistently ever since he came on the political scene. Remember when he accused Obama of not being an American citizen? Another major lie.

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We should all know by now that when Trump’s lips are moving, he’s lying. He is desperate and will do anything to avoid taking responsibility for his own actions. He has been getting away with this behavior his entire adult life. His loyal followers, like cult members, continue to fall for the lies of their adored leader.

Here’s hoping the rest of America has more sense.

Bob Chimis, Elmwood Park

Police presence on CTA deters crime

I was assigned to the Chicago Police Department’s public transportation section for some 17 years. During the 1980s, the CTA was undergoing a wave of muggings and chain snatchers, with a crime wave escalating the same as today.

The biggest turnaround came when we started to move officer roll calls to CTA property. There were five to six roll calls a day at various locations on CTA property with scores of uniformed cops as well as officers in civilian dress never leaving the CTA lines to report to a police facility that was sometimes a few miles from their assigned posts.

At times, the sight and presence of all those cops on CTA properties became a crime deterrent in itself. Within a few months, crime took a dramatic turn, along with strict enforcement of those so-called “nuisance infractions,” such as smoking, drinking or eating on trains; graffiti; fare-jumping; and changing train cars in search of victims.

Today, the city transit detail is at 17th and State, which requires officers to leave the CTA property both when coming on and leaving shifts.

What worked once will work again. How many more stories of victims being robbed, beaten and frightened do CTA customers have to contend with until positive change is made?

Bob Angone, retired Chicago Police lieutenant, Austin, Texas

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