Jason Beeferman

Dawson was a track coach and assistant principal with a paddle. But more than that, she was a steadfast mentor known for her generosity, giving her students food, clothing and a place to stay.
The 2-year-old boy left at a fire station in Woodlawn Monday was taken to a nearby hospital. Illinois law permits individuals to drop off young children, anonymously, but applies only to infants up to 30 days old.
James DeWitt was serving on a ship that arrived atPearl Harbor the morning of the attack.
She is the first woman to lead the center, which focuses on the life and legacy of boxing champ and activist Muhammad Ali.
Thursday’s caseload is nearly twice as high as any other day over the past 10 months. Officials say it’s critical that more residents get vaccinated.
The celebration that draws hundred of thousands of worshippers was canceled in 2020 because of the pandemic.
All 392 CVS locations in Illinois will now feature time-delay safes to prevent narcotics thefts. The measure is a response to a recent rise in retail and pharmacy theft.
Here are some things to know as Chicago braces for cold temps and heavy snow.
‘It was so amazing’ making the film downtown and in Ravenswood, says young star Scarlett Estevez.