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WBEZ Chicago reporter

Kristen Schorsch is a reporter on WBEZ’s government and politics team, where she covers Cook County and public health.

The county’s emergency management chief said the region faced “an exceptional year” for disasters – from thousands of migrants arriving to record storms.
Black women continue to be disproportionately affected, and more pregnant people who die are losing their lives months after giving birth.
This time, Chicago’s north and northwest suburbs got hit particularly hard on property taxes.
Cook County board president wants to tap reserves to keep in place some programs launched with federal pandemic relief dollars after that lifeline ends.
The county was already helping rent the former hotels in Evanston and Oak Park. The plan won approval from the full board, though some commissioners wanted low-income south suburbs prioritized.
Hospital union workers are seeking better pay and more staff. The report details how a patient died after being left alone in the emergency room.
In June, county leaders said they expected to start the 2024 budget year with an $86 million gap.
El grupo de residentes de Chicago que coordina comidas, duchas y ropa para los migrantes sabe que esto es solo el comienzo de un viaje mucho más largo para ellos: buscar el estatus de asilo.
Even in states that allow abortion if the life of the mother is in danger, doctors say fear of prosecution is leading many to send high-risk patients to Illinois.