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Bears Hall of Famer Dan Hampton: ‘Thank God John Fox’s [butt] is out of town’

When someone mentioned new head coach Matt Nagy on Saturday, Dan Hampton took a shot at the man he replaced.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
John Fox coaches his last game for the Bears on Dec. 31, 2017, against the Vikings.
Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The Bears’ defensive line roundtable was the most passionate of Saturday’s events, with all five participants firing up the crowd at the Bears 100 Weekend Celebration.

Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive lineman Dan Hampton wound up having the last word before the roundtable ran out of time.

When someone mentioned new head coach Matt Nagy, Hampton took a shot at the man he replaced.

“Thank God John Fox’s ass is out of town,” he said. “Thank God.” Fox, who led both the Panthers and Broncos to the Super Bowl, went 14-34 in three seasons before the Bears fired him after the 2017 season.

It marked the second time in as many days that a former player took a shot at Fox to praise Nagy.

“What I find refreshing, I liked John Fox, but John Fox didn’t treat fans with respect,” safety Gary Fencik said Friday night. “And I’m a [Bears] fan. I’m a season ticket holder. And it was kind of like, ‘You don’t deserve to know,’ or ‘I’m not going to give you a lot of information.’

“What I really like about Matt is I think he recognizes and respects that the fans aren’t idiots.”