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Blackhawks forward Andrew Desjardins is a Blue Jays fan

Andrew Desjardins’ baby boy went to his first baseball game on Wednesday, but the Blackhawks forward didn’t take his baby to a White Sox or Cubs game. Dejardins took his baby to a Toronto Blue Jays game.

Desjardins’ baby is seen wearing a Blue Jays hat as Toronto beat the Cleveland Indians 5-1.

The Blackhawks forward grew up in Lively, Canada which is near Toronto, and he grew up a Blue Jays fan. The only problem Blackhawks fans should have with Desjardins is that his background of his Twitter account is still the San Jose Sharks.

Desjardins was traded from the Sharks to the Blackhawks during the 2014 season, and the 29-year-old forward had only two assists in 13 games with Chicago.