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Sears blasted over swastika ring

Sears got a tongue-lashing on social media Tuesday over a men’s swastika ring offered for sale online.

The outcry began Monday — and intensified Tuesday — after reports surfaced about the ring on Sears Marketplace, an online site that sells products from third parties. The ring was also available on other ecommerce sites.

Sears said it removed the ring, sold by CET Domain, from the website and apologized for the posting.

Like many who have connected with our company, we are outraged that more than one of our independent third-party sellers posted offensive items on Sears Marketplace. We sincerely apologize that these items were posted to our site and want you to know that the ring was not posted by Sears, but by independent third-party vendors. … We take this issue very seriously and are taking the appropriate steps, as we communicated to the Anti-Defamation League.

“We deeply appreciate their efforts and believe they did the right thing by removing this product immediately and making clear that they believed the third-party sellers had exercised very poor judgment,” Lonnie Nasatir, ADL Chicago regional director, said in a news release.

The rings, advertised as men’s punk rock fashion, were being featured as late as Monday on Sears Marketplace and, as well as other retail websites, Delaware Online reported.