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Honda adds 2.6 million vehicles to air bag repair list

DETROIT — Honda says it will replace driver’s air bag inflators on 2.6 million more vehicles as it expands repairs to the entire U.S.

Honda is the only automaker to comply with government demands for national repairs. The company says it’s doing so to address customer concerns.

Air bags made by Japanese supplier Takata Corp. can inflate with too much force, blowing apart a metal canister and spewing shrapnel. At least five people have died due to the problem.

Previously Honda and other automakers limited recalls to high-humidity states mainly along the Gulf Coast.

But Honda agreed to expand the driver’s side repairs nationwide. Takata and Chrysler have refused recall demands, while Ford, Mazda and BMW haven’t decided.

Honda’s expansion brings its total driver’s side repairs to 5.4 million vehicles.