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The 10 CPS charter schools that may open in fall 2014

I finally got from CPS the names of the 10 public charter schools that the board previously approved to open in fall 2014. Some of these may not actually open next fall because of difficulties finding facilities.

This list of 10 schools is on top of another round of charter openings that the board is expected to consider at the January meeting. Those recommendations are due out as early as today.

Charters to open fall 2014:


Camelot Schools Excel

Camelot School Excel

Pathways in Education

Foundations College Prep

Orange Charter School

ASPIRA Business and Finance



KIPP/ACT – Elementary School Campus (KIPP is taking over the facility at ACT and is not technically a new charter grantee.)

The list includes school names only since most of their locations are not settled yet.