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Rahm Emanuel celebrates SB10's passage at iconic Boystown gay bar Sidetrack

Mayor Rahm Emanuel turned up at the iconic Sidetrack gay bar in Boystown Tuesday night as part of an “impromptu celebration” of SB10’s passage. No word on if the mayor sipped on one of the bar’s legendary booze slushies.

Impromptu celebration brings everyone out to @sidetrackbar #IL4M See you soon.

— Sidetrack Chicago (@sidetrackbar) November 6, 2013

Rahm Emanuel just rolled into sidetrack

— Emmet Sullivan (@emmetds) November 6, 2013

Mayor Emanuel congratulates same sex marriage supporters at Lakeview bar. #Chicago

— Eric Horng (@EricHorngABC7) November 6, 2013

.@ChicagosMayor is currently celebrating at @sidetrackbar. A popular gay bar. #sb10

— Dan (@4danlopez) November 6, 2013

At @sidetrackbar celebrating marriage equality with @emmetds and @RahmEmanuel?! What a lovely night.

— Kaitlyn Jakola (@KaitlynJakola) November 6, 2013

For non-Chicagoans – Sidetrack is the iconic Chicago gay.RT @emmetds: Rahm Emanuel just rolled into Sidetrack

— Strannik (@Strannik_REB45) November 6, 2013

Chicago’s mayor @RahmEmanuel stops by @sidetrackbar on this historic night for marriage equality

— Jim Perry (@jasperrycom) November 6, 2013

Patrons of Sidetrack bar in Boystown celebrate the passage of SB10 – a bill legalizing same sex marriage in Illinois. More photos from the day here. | Michael R. Schmidt-For Sun-Times Media


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