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New poll: Rauner 25 points up in GOP gubernatorial primary

A new We Ask America poll shows Bruce Rauner holding a 25-point lead over his closest opponent with just two weeks before the March 18 primary.

“With only two weeks to go, it will be extraordinarily difficult for any contender to close the gap,” We Ask America said of its findings.

The survey has 39 percent of those surveyed going with Rauner, 14 percent with Kirk Dillard, 11 with Bill Brady and about 8 with Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford.

From We Ask America:

The survey asked 1,262 Illinois voters: “who confirmed their intention to vote in the GOP Primary this simple question: If the Republican Primary Election for governor were held today, for whom would you vote?”

Here are their responses:

Poll type: Automated – Date: 3/4/2014 – Participants: 1,262 Likely GOP Voters – Margin of Error: ± 2.85%

Bill BradyKirk DillardBruce RaunerDan RutherfordUndecidedALL11.65%14.45%39.88%8.20%25.82%BY GENDER***********************************Women11.89%14.27%34.26%7.99%31.60%Men11.39%14.65%46.07%8.42%19.48%BY AGE***********************************18-2411.93%5.03%27.63%14.94%40.47%25-3411.93%17.26%52.08%5.29%9.45%35-4419.19%25.21%23.42%8.96%23.22%45-5410.89%12.80%36.43%5.71%34.17%55-649.75%11.49%47.18%8.70%22.88%65+10.88%15.12%39.59%8.59%25.81%BY LOCATION***********************************Chicago22.31%6.23%33.24%3.51%34.70%Sub. Cook11.67%18.57%41.14%3.23%25.39%Collars11.17%12.91%49.56%1.76%24.59%Downstate11.21%14.60%34.25%13.84%26.10%As the results show, Bruce Rauner continues to dominate the others by a wide margin. With only two weeks to go, it will be extraordinarily difficult for any contender to close the gap. Absent a Richter-scale scandal or some kind of proof of certain unions’ claim that they can talk their members into pulling GOP ballots for Dillard (more on that tomorrow), Mr. Rauner’s lead should hold.

We believe that the Fat Lady is clearing her voice.