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The Must List for Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Circuit Clerk Brown’s husband subpoenaed in grant probe

A source with knowledge of the investigation told the Chicago Sun-Times that the subpoena from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Springfield is directed at Benton Cook III.

Company that made deal with Rauner’s firm has buyer’s remorse

Big parts of Rauner’s private-sector record could be as open to question as, say, Gov. Pat Quinn administration’s decision to provide soft landing for a deposed alderman on the Illinois Department of Transportation’s payroll.

Poll results make Emanuel’s property tax hike a tougher sell

“Who’s gonna stick their neck out for somebody with approval ratings that low?”

Path clears for Schneider to take over state GOP

It appears Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider will take on the role to lead the Illinois Republican Party without a challenge.

Vehicle-sticker capers cost city millions, clerk finds

The Chicago city clerk’s new system of year-round vehicle-sticker sales has unmasked a couple of dodges that were costing the city millions of dollars every year.


The Most Influential Losing Congressional Candidate in the Country (Roll Call)

Jeb 2016: The Bush battle within (Politico)

The Totally Misleading Way The GOP Plans To Attack Obamacare Next (Talking Points Memo)

Rand Paul: Nothing Wrong with Voter ID, But GOP Shouldn’t ‘Emphasize’ (Mediaite)

Charles Rangel wants GOP to undergo psychiatric evaluations (Early & Often)

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