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What are you drinking? How about a Crook County IPA?

Photo via Untapped

Craft beer is big business, just like government kickbacks and back-room deals.

We have sent multiple governors to prison and former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is doing a ‘fastidious job’ scrubbing toilets’ behind bars, so it was only a matter of time one of the many microbreweries took advantage of Illinois’ corrupt reputation.

Earlier this year, 350 Brewing rolled out Crook County IPA, which is available at a number of bars and retail outlets throughout the Chicago area. So, if you prefer your beer with a hint of a political undertone, you’re in luck.

And while it’s Chicago Craft Beer week, we might as well suggest some other politically-themed brews that might have potential:

Some suggestions:

Indicted Ale-derman

F-in Golden Honey Wheat

Im-Peached Ale

h/t: SouthtownStar