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Jed Hoyer adds to Cubs’ front office, hires Ehsan Bokhari as assistant GM

Bokhari, 38, graduated with a Ph.D. in quantitative psychology and a master’s degree in statistics from the University of Illinois.

Jackie Kinney/Marquee Sports Network

It has become clear that one of Cubs president Jed Hoyer’s goals this offseason was to reshape the front office. After the Cubs hired Carter Hawkins as their general manager last week, they added another piece Monday.

The Cubs hired Ehsan Bokhari as assistant general manager. Bokhari, 38, spent the previous three seasons in the Astros’ front office. He began as director of research and development before being promoted to senior director of player evaluation, then to senior director of strategic decision-making before this season.

The move means the Cubs have brought in a GM and an assistant GM who have experience in talent evaluation and player development, a trait Hoyer has made a point of emphasis during the hiring process.

‘‘I really gravitated toward player development,’’ Hoyer said. ‘‘And when I look at the final group of people I brought in, all of them had really extensive player-development experience.

‘‘Ultimately, the key to this next wave of success is going to be how well we can take these players we traded for and get them to the big leagues. The players, international signings, amateur signings — we know we have to do a great job in player development over the next three to five years.’’

Bokhari has ties to the University of Illinois, where he was a visiting assistant professor of statistics in 2014-15. He has a Ph.D. in quantitative psychology and a master’s degree in statistics.

His arrival fills the spot of former assistant GM Randy Bush, who has moved into a consulting/advisory role with the team.

‘‘I think the key to being disciplined in your processes is having great people that are invested in the vision where people are disciplined to their processes,’’ Hawkins said last week. ‘‘It’s about the people and getting everyone bought in to that vision. When you do that, really great things can happen.’’