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Still Flawless? Lil Kim guns for Nicki Minaj on mother of all remixes

By now you’ve heard Beyonce’s and Lil Kim’s remix to hot girl anthem “Flawless.” But have you heard Lil Kim’s remix to the remix?

In the remix to the remix, Kim says: “Did this ho just say my name? Queen of rap, [eff] out of here.” The rest is not appropriate for work or kids, so it won’t be repeated here. But, she is tweeting about it. Below, she tells followers to listen to “Identity Theft” and she shows a picture of a driver’s license that appears to have been issued to Nicki Minaj.


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The two rappers have been rivals for some time now, so the beef isn’t new. But what is new is that Kim just had a baby and seems to be fired up. Kim’s remix to the remix appeared a few hours after “Flawless” was released. Then, the original Queen B followed up a day later with a new song, “Identify Theft.” And in both, in classic hip hop battle style, Kim goes hard for Minaj, informing the emcee that she’s essentially stealing her style.

In “ID Theft” says Kim: “After I drop these flowers for Big off, I’ll blow your lid off, like Adolf… I gave birth to your style, speak to your mammy… You was never hard, check your repertoire, [eff] cash, my name is a black card.”

Invoking mammy when it comes to black women is kind of like how invoking Voldemort. Dissing Cash Money Records too? Ouch.

Twitter is on fire about the song and the battle. @Bossip even asked followers to tweet out memes imagining Minaj’s response to the song. Here’s one:

Minaj will no doubt respond. Just give her 15 more minutes.

— Adrienne Samuels Gibbs