Illinois 200

Read the Sun-Times coverage of the Land of Lincoln’s 200th birthday celebrations from its bicentennial in 2018.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth heads to the Tuesday vote leading Kathy Salvi in two key metrics: polls and fundraising.
Details of the new White Sox manager’s plea deal with Arizona officials were obtained by the Sun-Times on Sunday. La Russa was arrested in February and accused of driving under the influence.
A picture was snapped of the Rauners and Pritzkers at the reception honoring 200 Illinois veterans.
Pritzker and Rauner did not appear on stage together during the Navy Pier show. And both left before the event concluded.
As the state celebrates its 200th birthday, there’s much to celebrate about Illinois’ history - as well as challenges it faces in the years to come.
Voters chose the “High Infidelity” band in a poll for the Illinois bicentennial. But if a poll doesn’t let you vote for Chicago, Richard Roeper asks, can it be trusted?
Barely over five feet tall, the dynamo who was Mary Harris Jones didn’t start organizing until her mid-50s. She always had a heart for Illinois.
Confirmed guests to the December gala at the United Center include blues legend Buddy Guy, actor Joe Mantegna and Olympian Jackie Joyner Kersee.
Its neighbor to the east may claim “The Crossroads of America” title, but by nearly any measure, Illinois is the heart of the U.S. Interstate system.
The Daleys of Chicago ran the state’s largest city for more than 40 years, watching from the fifth floor of City Hall as the city grew.
Like so much in Illinois, the origins of its newspapers were tied to politics and patronage.
As many as 20,000 people lived in the elaborate planned city that now lies within the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site.
What has an American Indian-based name in Illinois? More like, what doesn’t?
Recognized stops dot the landscape, mainly starting at the convergence of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers rivers at Grafton and continuing north.
Illinois schoolchildren studying the war could learn about the burning of a settlement in their own territory, one set ablaze by their own countrymen.
Illinois has produced many outstanding and game-changing athletes, but our Mark Potash hashed out his legendary top 10 list.
A shrewd move in 1818 by Nathaniel Pope, the Illinois territory’s delegate in Congress, is regarded as a decisive event in state history.
The National Press Club hosted a panel with Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times that highlighted Illinois political leaders’ contributions.
Battles with Native Americans, stops on the Lake Michigan flood plain would follow, all part of Illinois’ early history.