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Silence is Golden?

By Joe Cowley Staff Writer

NASHVILLE, Tenn. All is quiet surrounding the White Sox camp as noon came and went here in Nashville, and that could be a good thing.

Manager Ozzie Guillen has already left the building, headed back to Florida, while general manager Ken Williams is taking a deep breath and getting back to work on making his revamped big board come to life once again through the disappointment of losing out on Torii Hunter and now Miguel Cabrera.

There are whispers that the Sox spoke to a few teams about third baseman Joe Crede, but talk was as far as it has reached at this point.

One name that did catch the Sox attention was Toronto outfielder Alex Rios being on the market, but the Jays like the Sox are invested in a payroll that screams win now and the cost for Rios is a major-league starter that has a track record. In other words, theres no real match considering the Sox already have two question marks in the starting rotation with John Danks and Gavin Floyd.

Williams will meet with the media once again early this evening, but the silence surrounding the Sox would make it seem that there will be little to report. Or maybe, just maybe, this is the silence before the storm. Unlikely.