Leachman really CAN dance

Well, thought I’d never type these words, but after seeing Cloris Leachman tango on Monday night, she really does deserve to come back next week. There. I said it. She and Corky really did perform a good tango. Here’s the link…. (just get past the really REALLY BAD footage from last week’s dance)….

At the other end of the spectrum, Rocco proved why he was at the bottom of the heap last week: he really can’t dance. That’s a shame because he can be very charming.

The goth tango from Lance and Lacey proved “Dancing” might just turn into “So You Think You Can Dance?” I know they’re trying to inject some “youth” into the show, but does every dance need to be an affirmation of this?

I thought Susan Lucci sparkled in her tango, and for once didn’t look like a frail waif. And Tony’s cameo on “All My Children” as a guy on crutches was just hilarious.

Toni Braxton is giving Edyta Sliwinska fans a great fashion show. Too bad Edyta is already gone for the season, it would have been cool to see which of the two could wear the least amount of costume. Yes, they have sensational bodies.

Warren and Kym did look like they didn’t incorporate a lot of choreography in their samba. Come on Warren, I’m rooting for you!

Next week: they introduce four NEW dances to the show: the jitterbug, the West Coast shuffle, the Hustle and the salsa. Aren’t these (except for jitterbug and salsa) more “gimmicky” kind of dances? And when did the dances already on the bill become passe? Oh well, can’t wait to see the Hustle. Yep, that’s a way to inject some youthful vigor into the show. At least they’ll make ample use of the mirror ball hanging in the rafters over the ballroom.

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