Sarah Jessica Parker "Sex and the City" star at Obama fund-raiser with Caroline Kennedy. Pool report.

SHARE Sarah Jessica Parker "Sex and the City" star at Obama fund-raiser with Caroline Kennedy. Pool report.

WASHINGTON–First time out with Democratic White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama’s new policy–to allow a print pool reporter in his fund-raisers in private homes-on Wednesday snared some pretty big names. New York Post’s Charles Hurt writes about in his pool report Obama’s night with “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker, Caroline Kennedy–one of three co-chairs of Obama’s vice presidential vetting panel. Until Obama changed his policy on Tuesday events like these were closed.

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The first fundraiser was hosted by Bonnie and Richard Reiss on Park Ave.

About 200 attended, including Caroline Kennedy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ted Sorensen, paying $2,300 per person.

Waiting for Obama, the crowd was palpably giddy as word spread of reports that Clinton would get out later in the week.Obama arrived and called it “our first post-nomination event” to applause, whistles and catcalls.

As people milled around with cocktails, there was a sense of wonderment and excitement that it really was finally over.

“This primary process took a very long time,” he said, referring to those mythical babies who are now walking and talking.

As he spoke for about 25 minutes, a dispatch from Politico’s Mike Allen came across confirming ABC’s report that Clinton would get out Friday.Obama weaved in and out of his standard stump speech and said his belief in his campaign was not “cockiness on my part, but rather confidence in the American people.”

He spoke warmly of Clinton, heaping his usual praise of late on her. He said his daughters will grow up taking for granted that a woman or a black person can be president.

“But ultimately, I’m not interested in symbolic victories. I’m interesting in actually getting work done,” he said

When he finished, he opened the floor up to a town hall event — taking questions boy/girl/boy/girl. But it was not your average town hall event.

Asked about his transition team, he noted the VP search team he’s put together and noted Kennedy’s presence. She smiled demurely and waved.

Off to next funder.

Charlie Hurt

New York Post

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