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Hinrich relieved injury not a repeat from last season

Before undergoing an MRI on Friday, Kirk Hinrich was worried that he suffered another thumb injury that would require surgery and put him on the shelf for a couple of months.

But the veteran guard was relieved to learn the current injury is just a sprained thumb and not a repeat of the torn ligament that required surgery on his right thumb last November.

Now it’s a matter of how quickly the injury will improve.

“Today it was a little bit better, but it’s still very sore,” Hinrich said following Sunday’s practice. “I wear this splint just to keep it from moving, because pretty much any movement it’s very sore. I have trouble gripping anything, like tying my shoes, opening bottles or anything like that.”

He has an appointment with a specialist on Monday and it’s doubtful he will play in that night’s game at Milwaukee. But Hinrich won’t declare himself out just yet.

“If it feel better and I feel like I can give it a go, I’m gonna try and play,” he said. “There’s no question I want to be back as soon as I can.”