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Can't make this stuff up: Man dressed as Breathalyzer test gets cited for drunk driving

There’s nothing funny about drunk driving, but when a man whose Halloween costume is a Breathalyzer test gets arrested for a suspected DUI, it’s sort of amusing.

An Ohio man dressed as a Breathalyzer test for Halloween found

himself blowing into one after police stopped him for allegedly driving

the wrong way without headlights on a one-way street. Oxford police

said they stopped 20-year-old James P. Miller on Halloween night and

found beer in his front seat and in the trunk.

Police said Miller blew 0.158 percent on a Breathalyzer test. The legal limit for driving is a blood-alcohol level of .08.


was cited on charges including operating a vehicle while intoxicated,

underage possession of alcohol, having an open container and a fake ID,

and a one-way street violation.

Miller had no comment when reached at home Wednesday.