Michael Vick to make preseason debut Thursday: How would you use him?

SHARE Michael Vick to make preseason debut Thursday: How would you use him?

The Eagles may not know exactly how they’ll use backup quarterback Michael Vick, but judging by the coaching decisions of fellow Madden 10 online gamers, we’re pretty sure you’ve got some ideas.

Michael Vick will make his preseason debut Thursday when the Eagles play the Jacksonville Jaguars. He’s expected to play at some point with the first-team offense, but get this: Donovan McNabb will be the Eagles’ quarterback for the first three quarters before Kevin Kolb takes over for the fourth.

So where does this leave the 29-year-old phenom-turned-felon? What will his role be in the Eagles offense?

Play the part of Andy Reid in this absurdist piece of theater and tell us how you would use Michael Vick in your Eagles offense.

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