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Buck of the Week: Trail-cam king in Kane County

Mike Vicory waited a year to get his trail-cam buck in Kane County.

Here’s his story:

on saturday 10/15/11 a day when the wind was blowing 20 to30 miles per hour with gusts up to 40 mph with not much hope of anything up and moving , i decided i would head out around 2:30 and setup my new 12 volt battery to my now dead trail cam and add a couple of mock scraps about 25 yards east and west of my tree stand that is setup along a fence row. north of the stand is cpr field and south is soybeans and corn surrounding the beans nice setup in kane county just outside of aurora city limits. with out seeing nothing for the first couple hours i watched a small 4 pt. cruise through the beans and start to feed on the corn along the south corn field around 5:00 to around 6:00. thinking about getting out of the stand early because of the wind i turned and spotted the buck i had on my trail cam from last year about 2 or 3 yards walking past the mock scrap i just put down west of my stand. with the wind blowing out of the west hard i have the wind in my favor. with the buck hesitating before walking into 1 of my 3 shooting lanes i went to full draw and as he went through i could not get a shot as he walk through. hesitating again behind the trunk of the tree and some brush i am still at full draw. i moved my bow from the left to the right of the tree trunk and peeked around the left side of the trunk to see him looking up, at that point i thought i just blew it but with still holding full draw and with the buck getting real nervous he turned and walked right into the second shooting lane were i put a good shot on him. the buck i spent the last year thinking about was about 100 yards out in cpr field waiting for me to bring home

He also sent a trail cam photo from last year, which I think worth including.

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