Brouwer takes elbow to chin from Edler -- 'Just tough hockey'

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Blackhawks winger Troy Brouwer didn’t need to say that he was “unhappy.” His response to the elbow Canucks defenseman Alexander Elder delivered to his chin said enough.

As the second period of Game 5 came to an end, Brouwer came after Edler hard on the forecheck. Edler responded by raising his left elbow which caught Brouwer in the chin.

Brouwer went after Edler, but ended up fighting defenseman Kevin Bieksa, who came charging in, and a scuffle ensued. Brouwer also was called for slashing Edler, who was not penalized.

Here’s a video of the play:

“The ref that was behind me … had a quick chat with him and his angle was blocked by my body, so it’s tough to see,” Brouwer said Saturday. “You know, he called a slash (on me). So, he can see sticks but not elbows, I guess.”

Edler said he was trying to keep position on Brouwer.

“I didn’t try anything with an elbow,” Edler said. “I saw that he was coming and tried to cut him off at the net a little bit.”

Was he surprised by Brouwer’s response to come after him?

“It’s the playoffs,” Edler said.

“It’s just tough hockey,” Brouwer added.

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