Is Obama Oscar-bound?


President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama exchange smiles as they wait to greet South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and his wife Kim Yoon-ok at the North Portico of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Oct., 13, 2011, prior to a State Dinner. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Hooray for Hollywood!

Is President Obama going to the Oscars?

â—†Translation: Word President Barack Obama will be in L.A. to attend campaign fund-raisers toward the end of the month has Sneed wondering if the cash for the coffers will be extracted while the stars are in La La land for the Academy Awards on Feb. 26.

â—†To wit: Ari Emanuel, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s uber super duper Hollywood agent brother, is also holding his agency’s annual Oscar party at HIS house! Will POTUS be on hand? Will Rahm be in attendance? (Will Ari’s newest client Charlize Theron be there?)

â—†Response: Obama campaign guru David Axelrod has yet to get back to us, but Mayor Emanuel’s spokesman Sarah Hamilton says the mayor has “no current plan for this.”

A Mitt Memo …

It’s a go: GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s new Secret Service detail is now in place.

1.) Romney, who had his own security, will be the only one of the GOP “primates” who has them.

2.) Former GOP opponent Herman Cain was given Secret Service protection when his popularity surged, but it lasted only a month before sex became a hex.

Box ’em …

Sad to note: Boxing legend Angelo Dundee, who trained the two most celebrated fighters of his era, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard, died shortly after attending Ali’s private 70th birthday bash in Kentucky.

â—†To wit: Dundee, who was 90, apparently developed a brain clot during his flight back to Florida from the Ali party, according to his son. Dundee had hoped to attend the charity birthday gala for Ali in Las Vegas on Feb. 18.

Ring. Ring.

Love is in the air? Love is on the air?

Memo to MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall: Is the Big Apple report true that your incredibly talented, fast-paced self is keeping company with fellow MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell? Is canoodling too weak a term? Whatever.

The numbers game …

Model/actress Blake Lively, who has gone from dating Leo DiCaprio to canoodling with Ryan Reynolds, tells Elle magazine she has only had four boyfriends in her life. Wonder what the other two looked like?

Tips & Twaddle …

â—†Trump ’em & Gulp ’em: Embattled GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, who just had to swallow being dumped by Donald Trump, kicked off his campaign in Nevada Wednesday at a Reno brewery.

â—†Serve ’em & Sleep ’em: GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul claimed he served his wife, Carol, breakfast in bed to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary during a campaign stop in Las Vegas this week. In the interest of transparency, Paul ordered room service (he wanted his wife to sleep in.)

The Daley File …

Keeping tabs on the Daleys:

â—†Former White House chief of staff Bill Daley, who is now back in Chicago, did not attend the farewell party he tossed for the White House staff last Friday afternoon. But, Sneed hears, the whiff of Chicago pizza, popcorn and cheesecake Bill dispatched to the White House mess caused a line to form a block long.

â—†Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, “who is doing well and keeping very busy,” according to a source…was spotted with all the grand poobahs and former Presidents at the annual Alfalfa D.C. dinner Saturday night.

Checking out …

It’s a good thing: Former library commissioner Mary Dempsey, who resigned during Mayor Emanuel’s library restructure – and two of her closest co-hearts, invited 500 people to the Harold Washington Library Winter Garden Thursday night to bid farewell and boogie. “We wanted to celebrate many joyous years,” said Dempsey – who along with library mavens Amy Eshleman and Kathy Biel told invitees to “bring your dancing shoes” to help celebrate a new chapter in their lives.

Sneedlings …

I spy: TV producer Dick “Law & Order” Wolf and his team discussing his upcoming firefighter drama on NBC called “Chicago Fire” Wednesday night at Rosebud Steakhouse … Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher dining on chicken parm at Tuscany in Wheeling Wednesday … Friday’s birthdays: Fran Tarkenton, 72; Nathan Lane, 56; Morgan Fairchild, 62; Blythe Danner, 69, and Anne Burke, ageless.

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