8 10/11/13

1 Goodbye to all that

Safeway, which operates Dominick’s supermarkets, will exit the Chicago market early next year. Nobody yet knows for sure what will happen to its 72 locations or the 6,600 people who work at them. [Sun-Times]

2 Stand-down?

Showing a heroic capacity to act like adults, House Republicans and administration officials met in a session that both sides called productive. Although the deal on the table — a six-week extension of the debt ceiling — will prolong the process rather than solving it, everyone agrees it’s better than pressing the red button. [New York Times]

3 The Rahm gets richer

A year and a half before the mayoral election, Mayor Emanuel’s coffers overflow. After a million-dollar September, he now has $5 million in cash on hand. And it takes a village to raise a war chest. Among the laundry list of donors: Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf and former Bush Administration Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. Organized labor has chipped in $783,400 so far. [Sun-Times]

4 Bear market

The winless, hapless, injury-riddled New York Giants proved to be just the tonic for the Bears after a two-game slide. Tim Jennings picked off two passes and Brandon Marshall hauled in two touchdowns in the 27-21 victory. [Sun-Times]

5 Startup lab school

Incubators may soon outnumber startups in this city. The University of Chicago is the latest to get into the game, announcing today that it will open a 25,000-square-foot incubator in Hyde Park sometime next year. [Sun-Times]

6 Nobel Peace Prize

As the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons prepares to take on the monumental task of overseeing the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapon stocks, it’s receiving about the biggest dose of encouragement around: the Nobel Peace Prize. [Wall Street Journal]

7 Dressed for success?

Maria Pinto has dressed luminaries from Oprah to Michelle Obama. The Chicago designer also saw her West Loop shop go belly up during the recession. Now, she’s plotting a comeback, via Kickstarter. She’s aiming high with her fundraising goal — $250,000 high. [Grid]

8 Revisionist history

Mike Ditka is pretty sure he could out-coach President Obama, even in politics. At an oil event in North Dakota last week, the former Bears coach speculated on his chances had he challenged Obama in the 2004 Senate race that Obama won handily: “Not that I would have won, but I probably would have,” Ditka said. Silver tongue indeed. [Tribune]

The Latest
Canales falleció el 12 de junio a los 77 años. Fue quien dio a conocer a figuras como Selena, ‘la Reina del Tex-Mex’.
In his abbreviated outing, Wicks struck out two, allowed two hits and no runs. The left-hander was making his first start since going on the 15-day injured list with a right forearm strain on April 28.
The Bucktown storefront will be open from June 15 to July 14 and promotes the singer’s new nail polish collection for his beauty brand, Pleasing.
El programa de Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA, por sus siglas en inglés) fue lanzado hace 12 años por el entonces presidente Barack Obama. Su futuro es frágil e incierto.
La oficina del Secretario de Estado de Illinois lanza una unidad móvil para acercar los servicios de una oficina física a los lugares de trabajo y a las comunidades.