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Edward Hospital pays $7M to settle baby overdose lawsuit

Edward Hospital in Naperville will pay a $7 million settlement to the family of a girl who suffered brain damage as a result of a fluid overdose shortly after her birth 10 years ago, The Beacon-News is reporting.

Carla and Scott Cooper gave birth to triplets — two boys and a girl — at Edward Hospital in Naperville on Jan. 13, 2003, according to a statement from the law firm Baizer Kolar & Lewis.

The girl was placed on an IV which was supposed to administer 4.5 cc per hour, attorneys said. But after two hours, someone replaced an empty fluid bag and reset the pump for 405 cc per hour, attorneys said.

The girl is now 10 years old and has developmental delays that require placement in special education classes, attorneys said.

The hospital settled before the suit went to trial.