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Watch: AHL ref wears GoPro during Rockford IceHogs game

This is one of those GoPro sports videos you could just watch all day.

American Hockey League referee David Banfield wore a GoPro during the December 7 game between the Blackhawks’ minor league affiliate Rockford IceHogs and Charlotte Checkers. It’s glorious.

Aside from the opportunity to see the great game of hockey from ice level, you get a tremendous amount of insight into why refs do what they do and how they control a game. You also get to experience: fighting, swearing, penalties, goal calls and a deluge of Teddy bears.

GoPro touts this as a first for a referee – AHL, NHL or otherwise. It would be great to see more of this at various levels. Unlike some of the stunts like this you see in sports, Banfield’s video actually adds context to the game action.