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Caroline Kennedy upset by company exploiting mother's great taste

TOO TACKY FOR JACKIE: As Caroline Kennedy prepares for her U.S. Senate confirmation to be our ambassador to Japan, she has been upset by a company selling jewelry and accessories that exploit the famous taste and style of her late mother and first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

A source very close to the Kennedy family says the sale of the items on QVC — first reported by the New York Post’s Richard Johnson — runs “completely counter to everything Caroline — and certainly Jackie — represent,” said my source.

The Jacqueline Kennedy Collection is manufactured by the Camrose & Kloss firm, based in Boonton, N.J.

Caroline Kennedy and her attorneys had demanded the company post a disclaimer on its website revealing neither the Kennedy family or the John F. Kennedy Library or Jackie Onassis’ estate have nothing to do with the merchandise.

However, Caroline “is really furious that the disclaimer was not included on QVC. … Since they include photos of Jackie, there’s a whole implication that these items are copies of her own jewelry, which is ridiculous. Trust me, Jackie wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing any of that stuff,” added the source.