New report says ditch the vitamin D

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You probably take vitamin D. If you don’t, you likely know someone who does because we all got the memo saying we needed it for good health. Some health experts like to pay Americans as thumbing their nose at good health; here’s evidence that’s not true. Some 50 percent of Americans take vitamin D. We’re trying.

But, turns out we followed bad advice. (Again.) According to a story from, new research is showing that vitamin D has little, if any, good health benefits for us unless we truly are vitamin D deficient. Oh, and it actually could be doing harm.

So now you’re wondering: to take or not? Truthfully, I gave mine up about a year ago. (I just wasn’t convinced I needed it.) The one thing I find very interesting is that the research found people have poor health and THEN end up with low levels of vitamin D, not the other way around.

— Sue Ontiveros

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