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Boeing to test Gogo in-flight wireless systems

New Boeing Co. airplanes might come with Gogo Inc. in-flight wireless as a factory-installed option.

Gogo says Boeing has agreed to evaluate the Itasca company’s systems for in-flight connectivity and wireless entertainment solutions. Gogo hopes to have the testing completed over the next two years.

“As Gogo continues to retro-fit aircraft with its various connectivity solutions, it’s crucial to work towards line-fit of these solutions for all new orders so each aircraft comes off the line with Gogo connectivity already installed and ready for service from day one,” Gogo president and CEO Michael Small said.

“By taking care of some of the aircraft modification needs at the manufacturing level, this provisioning agreement will make the installation process much smoother after an airline takes delivery of the new aircraft.”

Gogo has wi-fi equipment installed on 2,000 commercial jets, includes some flown by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.

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