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Hillary Clinton returns to Chicago for fund-raising on Feb. 17, post Iowa, New Hampshire

WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton returns to hometown Chicago on Feb. 17 for at least three fund-raisers, with the events in the far-away political future, what with voting in Iowa next Monday followed by New Hampshire on Feb. 9.

The most important commodity a candidate has is time – and an advantage rival Bernie Sanders has is that he is raising millions of dollars without having to do time-consuming events, unlike Clinton who has to show up to satisfy her major donor base.

Chelsea Clinton keynoted three fundraisers for her mother when she was in Chicago on Jan. 15. Bill Clinton was in Chicago fundraising in December.

One of the Clinton Chicago February events is aimed at women; a host, Amalia Mahoney, who was the Director of Galeria Amalia Mahoney art gallery in Chicago, is a major Democratic donor. President Barack Obama thanked her by appointing her in September, 2013 to be a trustee at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. A co-host, Katrina Markoff, is the chocolatier who founded Vosges.

The other hosts are Brandy Isaac; Dania Leemputte; Joan Sears and Julie Smolyansky. Markoff is a co-host along with her husband, Jason Scher.

Hosts at the women’s event are supposed to raise at least $27,000; in return they will get a reception with Clinton and membership on her finance committee, which will give them access and special perks at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia – that is, if Clinton is the nominee.

Co-hosts have to raise $10,000. The cheapest individual ticket is $125.

This will be Hillary Clinton’s fifth Chicago fundraiser since announcing for president last year. She was last in Chicago in November for three fundraising events and a meeting with the mothers of victims of gun violence.