Whoever says the latest generation can never produce a Mozart is dead wrong.

At just 8-years-old, Macie Garro made her Lolla debut working the turntables at the Hip Hop Workshop at Kidzapalooza. Her secret? “Just spin it in circles.”

Learning to DJ and getting to take home a recorded track of their creation is just one way little rockers can prepare for their future music careers at Kidzapalooza. They can get their headshots at the Rock Star Photo Booth, relax with a drink at the Kidza Lounge and develop their image at Punk Hairdooz.

Macie Garro works the turntables and records her first track at the Kidzapalooza Hip Hop Workshop. | Jane Recker

Christine Kielbasa was one of the stylists at Punk Hairdooz, which was presented by Snippets Mini Cuts. The booth offered hairstyles ranging from braids to fauxhawks, spray-painted hair and, of course, plenty of glitter.

“It goes with the whole punk, Lollapalooza rock thing,” Kielbasa said.

For any parents with nightmares of glitter-embedded carpets, fear not. Kielbasa said all of the products they use are completely washable and come out with a good shampoo.

Hazel. 7, debuted a bold, split-color hairstyle, striking a pose with her red and blue buns, her face framed with silver and purple glitter.

Her mom, Mia Sossei, has been bringing her children to Kidzapalooza for four years, and said it was a great way to introduce little ones to the festival scene.

While she said she’d come back without them later to catch a show with her husband, she appreciated that Lolla provided a safe area the whole family could enjoy.

“It introduces the kids to lots of different arts and music, they have great activities and it’s shaded, which is a huge plus,” she said. “It’s just a fun family day.”