Lightfoot’s police purge list follows Eddie’s ouster

Sneed hears the list includes at least six names, including a college buddy of the fired top cop.

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot speaks about Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson announcing his retirement last month. He was later fire.


Dusting & cleaning . . . 

. . . with a snow blower!

Sneed hears Mayor Lori Lightfoot has drawn up a Chicago Police Department exempt-rank purge list of at least six names, one of whom was a college buddy of fired former Chicago top cop Eddie Johnson.

Sneed also hears rumbles Melissa Staples, chief of the detective division, may also be on the chopping block and word is the mayor is seriously contemplating disbanding the Organized Crime Unit to get more cops back on the street — which is causing a lot of CPD angst.


Finally, Sneed is told one of the names high on the “removal” hit list is a well-known former female Chicago media personality who is a CPD community relations liaison. 

Could Lori be purging those who once were among former Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s disciples?

P.S. Word is some got the hint early and have put in for retirement.

The mayor’s chief of staff, Maurice Classen, declined to comment on the mayor’s purge list.

The F word . . . 

The men in blue.

They are wondering who.

Who ... will be their next guru?

Does Lightfoot have her eye on Anne Kirkpatrick, the former Spokane, Washington police chief who now heads the Oakland, California police department? The former head of the Chicago Police Department’s Bureau of Professional Standards, she is a highly qualified female top cop, who is credited with breaking up the notorious Oakland Police Department frat house.

Kirkpatrick was a member of the top three finalists chosen by the Chicago Police Board headed by Lightfoot before Rahm ditched the list and chose Johnson as his top cop.

No official signals yet, but “it wouldn’t surprise me if Kirkpatrick made the list again. Lightfoot was very impressed,” said a top police source. 

Now that a fuming, spuming Lightfoot “retired,” then fired and then flayed former Supt. Johnson who was found passed out in his police car after a night of drinking and intimacy with a female member of his security detail — will Lightfoot become the mayor to choose the city’s first female top cop?

Lightfoot denied Thursday she fired Johnson to make a case for an outsider superintendent and will follow Police Board rules by picking from their top three choices, and Classen also declined to discuss the potential candidates for the job. 

Anne Kirkpatrick

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