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ENDORSEMENT: Keith R. Wheeler for Illinois House in the 50th District

In 2017, Republican state Rep. Keith R. Wheeler of Oswego was part of a bipartisan group in the Illinois House that reformed the Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) tax credit program for businesses. They improved it, in part, by making smaller businesses eligible for the program and offering a financial incentive to companies that established themselves in underserved areas.

Wheeler has more ideas on how to make Illinois friendlier to businesses big and small, including a program to offer tax incentives to construction companies that take on capital improvement projects in the state. He deserves another term to make a case for his business-friendly proposals.

Wheeler is endorsed over Democrat James Leslie, a firefighter and paramedic from Aurora.

Illinois House 50th District is located in the west suburbs and includes Yorkville | Tanveer Ali/Sun-Times

Illinois House 50th District is located in the far west suburbs and includes Yorkville | Tanveer Ali/Sun-Times

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