Neil Steinberg’s column, questioning the logic of an Oprah presidential run, is brilliant (But who WANTS Oprah as president? Or Trump in Chicago?” — March 2). “What’s wrong with people?” Good question. American voters, enthralled by the Trump circus, wound up being duped by a pathetic sideshow con artist. Now, with Trump dragging us through the mud-filled gutter instead of leading us to the promised land, some voters would return to the circus looking for a replacement? That’s pure folly.

Tony Galati, Lemont

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Rich, powerful but not necessarily smart

Regarding Neil Steinberg’s column, why do Republicans think that a political outsider with no experience can effectively govern? Just because you’re rich, it doesn’t mean you’re smart.

David Berkey, Elgin

Stand up, legislators, to Madigan and Rauner

Illinois senators have officially lost their grip on reality with their newest draconian ideas to tax, among other things, storage lockers, lawn care and body piercings (“Pols work on tax on private eyes, tattoos, piercings — little else” — March 2). Do they not know that there is a river flowing straight out of Illinois to all surrounding states that consists of the fed up residents of this state? Any money taken in will probably be offset by the amount lost due to more people leaving the state because of it. The camel’s back is full. It won’t take much to push some people over the edge.

And honestly, how much money do they expect to make on people putting holes in their bodies? Our leaders from the top have so spectacularly failed us that we are grasping at the wispiest of straws to try and plug the hole in our Titanic. To all of the general legislature members: This is the best you can do? Get a spine, pass a budget, stand up to House Speaker Michael Madigan and Gov. Bruce Rauner, and do the job the people of Illinois elected you to do.  If you can’t do it, then step aside for someone who can.

Scot Sinclair, Third Lake

Sessions plays loose with truth

Concerning the admission by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who now says he did speak with the Russian ambassador during the Trump campaign, to me the big question is this: If the conversation between the two is considered routine and completely legal, why would he not be forthcoming and reveal these conversations while under oath? Why would he feel it necessary to lie? To claim he simply forgot about talking to the Russian ambassador while the entire news is abuzz about this huge controversy is ludicrous. All the while coming from the guy that is supposedly the top lawyer and law enforcement officer in the country goes well beyond a head scratcher. These laughable claims only continue to make the case that where there is smoke, there is fire.

David Atkins, Buena Park