Editor’s note: In an editorial on Thursday, the Sun-Times called out the Chicago Tribune for its praise of the massive tax bill, supported by President Donald Trump, working its way through the Republican-controlled Congress.

The Sun-Times editorial argued that the tax plan, above all, rewards the very wealthiest Americans. We argued that it is bad for Illinois, Chicago and working people. As we stated in the editorial, the Tribune editorial board has endorsed the plan, while the Sun-Times board deplores it.

The editorial generated a great deal of response from readers, especially on social media. We invite you to share your views at letters@suntimes.com, or on our Facebook page.

Here’s a sampling of readers’ reaction, edited for space.


Thank you for your full-throated editorial Thursday demolishing the Tribune’s fatuous defense of the tax bill. What a breath of fresh air blowing over the fetid complacency of typical don’t-rock-the-boat American journalism.

While the whole editorial deserves to be often read aloud from the courthouse steps, I’d like to give extra kudos to four things you said, things I’d given up hope of ever seeing in an American newspaper again.

One: The resurrection of our greatest president since Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Two: Using the accurate term “ruling class” in identifying the plutocracy that is, in fact, ruling.

Three: Calling the Tribune a prevaricator. Most people say as much, but I never thought I’d see such a truth in print.

Four: The final jab at the La Salle Street financiers and rentiers who live in Lake Forest. This points out what we all know in a concrete way— class matters. The ruling class is winning.

Stuart Tarr, Traverse City, Michigan


The Sun-Times is all too correct. I lived through the Reagan and Bush versions of trickle-down economics, and I can tell you — it does not work! The middle class paid more while the rich paid less. The federal deficit grew and the economy suffered.

Gov. Sam Brownback pulled this same con in Kansas just a few short years ago and devastated his state’s economy. Why does the GOP keep pushing a fake “reform?” Just to reward their wealthy donors?

Joan Fregapane


The Republican tax plan does nothing to lower my taxes, and I’d rather hear how we can fix education and healthcare in America. The for-profit approach isn’t the way, nor is starving the system.

The Republican tax proposal is intended to deepen the wealth and income gap that divides us while breaking down the institutions we built to make us the prosperous country we once were. Now we serve the rich. Nothing in the tax plan will stimulate the economy, not as long people can’t get the education that makes it possible for them to fill higher paying jobs.

If we don’t address the problems of our infrastructure, our education, equal rights, and our healthcare system, this tax plan solves nothing. Period.

Christopher Clai


Thanks to decades of local Democratic rule, elected officials have taxed and spent your money to the point of ruin. But keep voting Democratic if you think that’s the answer. This is not the fault of Republicans tax reform, which will benefit the middle-class across the country.

 Daryl Harrenstein


If you defend this Republican nonsense by saying that Democrats do no better, you’re an idiot. But you’re right.

Philip Jordan


Your city’s financial bankruptcy is a witness against you. Cut back taxes on your citizens and give them fresh air to breath.

David O. Pierce


If only key members of Congress could receive visitations in the night from the wise spirit representing the grim, morbid future for most Americans under GOP tax reform. Maybe then this flailing of “the excess population” could be avoided. The GOP’s version of tax reform is pure humbug.

This cruel math of this tax plan hurts everyone from retired people in nursing homes to the working poor.

David Flores


Trickle-down doesn’t work. There is no credible, intellectually sound debate about that despite the repeated nonsense from know-nothing Republican politicians, their mouthpieces, and the greedy, careless people who own both.

Chicago is lucky to have the Sun-Times.

Michael Burke

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