Tom Cross launches ad buy one day after casting critical same-sex marriage vote

SHARE Tom Cross launches ad buy one day after casting critical same-sex marriage vote
SHARE Tom Cross launches ad buy one day after casting critical same-sex marriage vote

Illinois state Treasurer candidate Tom Cross is launching a three-market radio buy today — a day after the Republican made a switch and voted in favor of same-sex marriage legislation in the House.

Cross was one of three Republicans in the House to vote for in favor of the same-sex marriage. The others were Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) and Ed Sullivan (R-Mundelein).

Cross switched positions after his campaign told the Sun-Times just three weeks ago that he remained opposed to same-sex marriage. The Sun-Times reported then that his Democratic opponent — state Sen. Mike Frerichs (D-Champaign) — was calling on Cross to support same-sex marriage.“I am proud to be one of only two Downstate Senators to co-sponsor and vote for both marriage equality and civil unions,” Frerichs said then.

Cross’ vote neutralizes what could have been a contentious issue in a general election.

The same-sex marriage bill, SB10, narrowly passed Tuesday in the Illinois House — 61-54. To advance, the measure needed 60 votes, making Cross one of the few Republicans to cross over — and making his vote critically important.

Cross released a statement on Tuesday night saying he made the change after months of soul-searching.

“For me, supporting marriage equality is not only the right decision, but also consistent with my belief in individual freedom, equality and limited government,” Cross said. “That is why I supported legislation that allows all citizens of Illinois regardless of their sexual orientation to engage in marriage that is recognized by our state.”

Here’s text of his new ad, targeting Central Illinois markets:

Cross for Treasurer


:60 Radio

October 21, 2013

Illinois’ elected officials have repeatedly failed to solve the state’s big problems

Now we’re facing Skyrocketing debt, record high taxes and the nation’s worst budget deficit.

That’s why Tom Cross is running for Treasurer.

On day one, Tom Cross will put an end to dishonest budget gimmicks…

…demanding the courts enforce the state’s balanced budget requirement…

…and forcing Springfield politicians to fix the problems they’ve too often ignored.

Tom Cross understands without change, Illinois faces near bankruptcy…

…threatening not just our pocketbooks…

…but our schools and public safety.

A former prosecutor…

…Tom Cross will crack down on the corruption that is costing our pension system…

…and he’ll create a new government integrity unit to restore public confidence.

For too long, Illinois families have been paying the price for failed leadership.

As our Treasurer, Tom Cross will clean up their mess…

…fight the waste and corruption…

…and restore fiscal sanity back in Springfield.

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