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Obama a drag on 2014 midterm contenders: New NBC News/WSJ poll

WASHINGTON–President Barack Obama may be a drag on Democratic candidates on the November mid-term ballot, a new NBC News/WSJ poll released on Wednesday shows. In Illinois, any impact of sagging Obama ratings will be limited, because only 3 of the 18 congressional districts will have real contests and Sen. Dick Durbin D-Ill. is in good shape no matter if Doug Truax or Jim Oberweis win the Tuesday Illinois GOP Senate primary.

Poll highlights, from the NBC News/WSJ poll:

*41% Obama approval rating. Not great.

*33% “say their vote will be to signal opposition to the president rather than to signal support, though 41 percent say their vote will have nothing to do about Obama.”

*48% “say they’re less likely to vote for a candidate who’s a solid supporter of the Obama administration, versus 26 percent who say they’re more likely to vote for that candidate.”