O'Reilly on Obama 'Ferns' visit: 'Lincoln would not have done it'

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If I made a point of calling out Fox News’ resident ignoramous, Bill O’Reilly, every time he said something uninformed and dumb, that’s all I’d ever do. But sometimes he gathers himself and, with a mighty groan, leaps into a realm of obliviousness that just has to be remarked on. Such as when, while chastising President Obama for participating in a jokey interview segment on the Funny or Die website, he evoked the image of Lincoln, who no doubt represents gravitas in O’Reilly’s primitive mind, as someone who would never “demean” himself like that, when in fact Lincoln was famous as a joke-teller and story spinning, much attacked by the O’Reillys of his day. And to think this O’Reilly put his name on a book about Lincoln….Click here to continue reading.

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