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Obama defends his taste in jeans

President Obama chose “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to launch an impassioned defense of his choice in denim wear Friday morning.

His defense came after Sarah Palin called him out on Fox News for wearing “mom jeans,” an unflattering, high-waisted cut.

The Washington Post reports:

His defense of his jeans was prompted by a conversation Seacrest had with a Gap employee who helped Obama pick out sweaters for his wife Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sasha Obama.

“I’ve been unfairly maligned about my jeans,” he said. “The truth is, generally I look very sharp in jeans. There was one episode like four years ago in which I was wearing some loose jeans mainly because I was out on the pitcher’s mound, and I didn’t want to feel confined while I was pitching, and I think I’ve paid my penance for that. I got whacked pretty good. Since that time, my jeans fit very well.”

Presumably, this is the incident in question, where President Obama represented the White Sox and relatively normal-looking jeans while throwing out the first pitch at the 2009 All-Star game.

AP Photo

Of course, that picture has nothing on the arguably best/worst Obama jeans photo, wherein he bikes through Chicago circa 2008.

Alex Brandon/AP Photo