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Rauner 'by the numbers' spin puts a happy face on his narrow win

Bruce Rauner’s gubernatorial campaign came out of the gates early Wednesday by putting the best possible face on Tuesday’s election results, which were uncomfortably close for him after his own polls had forecast a blowout against Kirk Dillard and the rest of the Republican field.

Here, in a Wednesday morning statement to the city’s political reporters and others, is how Rauner’s political operation interpreted Tuesday’s 3-point win against Dillard:

Primary Campaign By The Numbers

Since taking the first steps of a campaign for governor a little over a year ago, Bruce Rauner has been committed to running a comprehensive, grassroots-oriented campaign that enabled him to overcome nearly $6 million spent by Democrats and special interests attempting to defeat Bruce in the primary.

Democrat/Special Interest Money Spent to Defeat Bruce: $5,800,000+

Votes for Bruce Rauner: 325,972

Votes for Pat Quinn: 314, 085

Volunteer Phone Calls: 250,000+

Illinois Miles Traveled: 50,000+

Donations: 5750+

Volunteers: 2,300+

Campaign & Community Events: 550+

72 Hour Program Volunteers: 500+

Media Interviews: 200+

Years Since GOP Nominee Received More Primary Votes Than Democrat Nominee: 16

Years Since GOP Nominee Received More Votes Than Rauner: 12

Debates/Forums: 8

Campaign Field Offices: 3

Bruce Rauner Name ID One Year Ago: 0″