Boxer on birth control coverage: What’s the next moral objection?

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With the Supreme Court hearing arguments Tuesday concerning the Obamacare mandate for birth control coverage, California Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) went on MCNBC’s “Jansing & Co.” and questioned why people aren’t as equally upset with Viagra being covered under insurance.

I have never heard Hobby Lobby or any other corporation, I could be wrong, or any other boss complain that Viagra is covered in many insurance plans, practically all of them, or other kinds of things, you know, for men, which I won’t go into, Boxer said.

Some of those “other things” include penis pumps, as documented by The Daily Show.

Host Chris Jansing asked Boxer if Viagra and birth control are comparable, saying that Hobby Lobby and others argue birth control is a “life issue.”

“I have never heard them put any type of moral objection, remember, this is a moral objection, to men getting Viagra, but they have a moral objection to women getting certain types of birth control,” Boxer said. “What’s their next moral objection, do they then object to vaccinations? Where do you take it from here? … There has been a well-documented study by a university that gave women free birth control for several years. Abortions went down by 50 percent, Chris. So if you are for life and want to attack this issue for abortion, this is a place we could work together and reduce the number of abortions.”

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