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Tea party candidate uses John Kerry's body to go on offensive

This might be one of the strangest negative ad campaigns we’ve seen during this election cycle.

Neel Kashkari, who is running for California’s Republican gubernatorial nomination against tea party favorite Tim Donnelly, needed to illustrate a point about Donnelly.

Kashkari says that Donnelly is flip-flopping on his views on property rights. So how does he get that across?

By putting Donnelly’s head on the body of another politician who came under fire for changing his mind during the 2004 presidential race — current Secretary of State John Kerry.

Here’s what Kashkari’s staff whipped together:

Here’s the original, unadulterated photo:

We give them high marks for the Photoshop job and resulting GIF. The head is large enough to signal it’s not real, but not freakish.

Kashkari has launched a separate website dedicated to attacks on Donnelly, called Kashkari is a huge fan of GIFs, but isn’t everyone?

Here’s the one he used to illustrate “Tim Donnelly is just another politician using your tax dollars to live a life of luxury.

h/t: The Washington Post