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Moderator to Charlie Rangel: Are you Googling during this debate?

Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) sure loves his electronic devices. Although the next time he’s doing a debate, he might want to leave them at home.

Last month during a debate, he pulled out his phone as a prop. But Rangel kicked it up a notch during a debate that aired Sunday morning when he pulled out his iPad when challenger Adriano Espaillat challenged Rangel’s voting record.

“Congressman, are you Googling during this debate?” the moderator asked.

“No, I just wanted to show them what he was picking out was consistent,” Rangel said.

“But it’s not fair, ’cause they don’t have theirs,” the moderator said.

“Well, I was gonna show it to ‘em, but you’re right,” Rangel nodded while closing his iPad case. “But let me invite everyone — he keeps talking about this vote that I took as relates to . . . uh, the Citibank and some other banks. I would say this, that if you say something long enough and don’t go through the record, it starts to make some sense.”

“He says that we should not be critical of each other, then he comes back and gives me a shot,” Rangel said. “And I just want to prove the record is against him, that’s all.”

Rangel, who has held his seat for 44 years, is one of the more colorful characters in Congress.

For example, there was that time he showed his supporters he could cut a rug. And then there was the other time he said the GOP should undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Via Independent Journal Review