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Quinn signs cupcake-girl bill into law

SPRINGFIELD — It’s a sweet day for “cupcake girl” Chloe Stirling, who can once again sell her home-baked treats thanks to a piece of legislation Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law Tuesday in her hometown of Troy.

The measure exempts home kitchen organizations from having to adhere to the state’s health regulations, so long as the business brings in fewer than $1,000 a month.

In January, Stirling’s home-baking operation “Hey Cupcake!” had been shut down by the Madison County Health Department because the pre-teen had not attained a proper business license and had used a non-commercially certified kitchen to bake her goods. Under the new law, Stirling won’t have to worry about meeting those rules.

Quinn applauded the entrepreneurial spirit and determination of the 12-year-old girl, who lobbied in Springfield for House Bill 5354 to pass.

“Democracy is for everyone and I salute Chloe Stirling for getting involved and making a difference for a cause she believes in,” Quinn said in a prepared statement. “Thanks to her leadership, Chloe and other small-scale, home-based entrepreneurs are experiencing the sweet smell of success today.”