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Enough election spin, Mr. Rauner. Time for a plan

It’s Wednesday, Nov. 5. It’s 3 am. A dreadlocked, young African-American man strolls out of a polling place, proudly strutting his civic duty stuff. This pre-dawn news video depicts one of many Chicago-area voters, unregistered but undaunted, who stood in snaking lines into the wee morning to cast their votes.


The growing pains of election reforms and a few dirty tricks triggered massive delays at Chicago-area polling places. Yet voters defied the chaos and held fast. They wanted their votes cast and counted.

That is my post-election inspiration. I want to hold fast to it. That won’t be easy.

Yes, the scurrilous TV ads have vanished. I had hoped the spinning was done. Not quite.

On election night, Gov.-Elect Bruce Rauner exhorted in his victory speech:  “I called Speaker Madigan” . . . I called President Cullerton, and I said to them: ‘This is an opportunity for us to work together.’ ”

Actually, not. The aides to both legislative leaders went out of their way to report that no such conversations occurred. The spin continues.