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Aaron Rodgers’ ‘Game of Thrones’ cameo leaves fans searching for his appearance

Instagram | @AaronRodgers12

With each passing episode in the final season of “Game of Thrones,” there’s been fevered debate over countless aspects of HBO’s sprawling fantasy epic. The series’ penultimate episode, which aired Sunday night, did the same, but also provided fans with something else to argue over the following day: Where was Aaron Rodgers’ cameo?

The Packers quarterback, who previously joked about it at the Kentucky Derby, revealed Sunday night that he was on set as an extra for the filming of “The Bells,” the fifth episode of Season 8. Naturally, this got everyone on the internet scrambling to try to figure out exactly when and where the former NFL MVP pops up on screen.

Is this Rodgers?

Or how about this one?

Another extra from the show suggested Rodgers was in this scene:

The quarterback gave us one hint with his Instagram post announcing his cameo, in which he can be seen wearing an outfit that’s distinctly different from the red soldier’s uniform in the first image above.

Somehow, it appears nobody has figured out definitively where one of the most famous athletes in the U.S. appears in one of the country’s most popular TV shows.