Brooke Taylor earned something to cheer about.

‘‘I’m on the cheer team and it’s a big passion of mine, but not as big of a passion as hunting is to me,’’ emailed Taylor, a 14-year-old freshman at Chicago Christian.

That showed during the youth firearm hunt with her dad last weekend, when she bagged a seven-point buck at Giant City State Park.

‘‘I was in the woods for about 40 minutes when a bachelor pack of deer came around,’’ she emailed. ‘‘There were three good-sized bucks, and I took the closest shot I had.’’

She cleanly dropped her buck with a Harrington & Richardson 20-gauge slug gun. Well done, considering that it was her first time in a climbing tree stand and that she had to stand up, turn around and take a free-standing shot.

This story caught me enough to start BOTW earlier than usual.

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